Is it hard to make candles?

We often get asked if it is hard to make candles.  In theory, no it is not - add fragrance to melted wax, pop in a wick and your set to go.   In practice however, making a candle that burns correctly, doesn't soot or get too hot, does not tunnel or become a flame thrower and fills your space with your desired fragrance, takes time and lots of testing. 

Different waxes can take different levels of fragrance oils, and different wicks are required depending on the fragrance load and the type of wax used.  Larger or smaller jars will also require a different combination of wax, wicks and fragrance. 

The temperature of the wax is also important at different stages of the candle making process and lots of trial and error is involved to find the perfect recipe.

For us, the testing process lasted for over a year, and just as we were happy with the candles we were creating, the wax we were using was discontinued meaning another year of testing with new wax, wick and fragrance combinations. We continue this testing process today with each fragrance to ensure we deliver the best sensory experience to bring the most stunning aromas to your home.

If you would like to experience and appreciate the art of chandlery and get some expert hints and tips, join us at one of our Candle Making Workshops.  We'd love to see you there!


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