Autism and Candles - our journey to bring our passion to our business

Bentley & Hart NZ Limited is the truly beautiful result of a project borne in 2015 to help overcome challenges faced by one New Zealand family.

Julie and Bryan Hart's daughter, Daniella, who has a diagnosis of Autism was finding that pathways to employment were limited, so Julie and Bryan embarked on a journey to find a niche industry that would develop fantastic opportunities for Daniella and others like her.

After dabbling in the art of candle making as a hobby for several years, they decided to take the plunge and develop the business further by studying Chandlery overseas in 2017.

They brought back with them the art of producing hand poured, luxurious soy candles that not only look stunning, but have the ability to fill a room with the most incredible fragrance.

Bentley & Hart's one by one range encompasses the meticulous, step by step process behind their beautiful scented soy candles, lovingly made with exquisite scents to soothe or revive the soul.

Their vision is to be able to offer more people with Autism the opportunity to work in their creative, safe and positive environment.

By buying one by one candles, you're not only inviting style and beautiful aromas into your home, but you're helping enhance and enrich the lives of others.


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