Using home fragrances to create your ideal ambience

Home fragrances whether they be from candles, diffusers or room sprays are a great way to create an ambience or mood for any occasion. Some scents such as citrus notes are uplifting & invigorating which are great if you are working from home, while others such as vanilla and soft florals are calming and relaxing. 

What we always find fascinating is how different the fragrance oils are in colour and viscosity which is why we weigh the fragrance oil when making our candles rather than measuring volume. Some scents like vanilla and caramel are heavy whilst the citrus oils and white florals are often lighter. 

If you have attended one of our Candle Making Workshops you will have seen how the colours of the fragrance oils vary.. However no matter whether the fragrance oil is brown, yellow or clear, the Soy candle always cures to a beautiful creamy white colour.

Some days the studio is an amazing cacophony of fragrance notes - a real joy to be able to work with these scents from our international and local perfumers which allow us to create luxury home fragrances for you.


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